Therapy, anyone?

Not even married for two months, and we've already been to couple's therapy. We had to go all the way to Virginia Beach, spend the night in a 4-star hotel right on the beach, eat breakfast in the "Ocean Club," and go to 3 sessions with the Jones from Bob Jones University. They made us watch some funny videos to start interacting with our other half. They made us participate in an auction, during which we bought, for 11 'love bucks' that they gave us, Mark's Valentine's Day present.

It was with our church, so you know they forced us to enjoy it and have fun. It was fun. Afterwards, we stopped at Best Buy in Virginia Beach and I got Mark his real Valentine's Day present, an iPod touch. It was on sale, because it had been returned, and it was also missing the earbuds. So, we got it on sale.

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  1. Congrats on your purchases this weekend. Sounds like your retreat was fun!
    Josh is very jealous of your ipod purchase!