Aerobics, Fastbreaks, Brownies

We joined a gym. Don't laugh, we've gone a few times. I even went this morning, on my day off! I wanted to go swimming, so I showed up for this water aerobics class. I was all excited to be doing something fun, in the water, the way I like. I finally came to senses this morning as I pulled into the parking lot. My thoughts were..."9am on a Monday morning. *WATER* aerobics...great, it's going to full of old, gray haired women." It was. There was about 5 of them. I was the only one under 60. If you don't count the head honcho lady, I was the only one under 50. It took a while, but I finally started feeling "the burn." We used these little foam dumbbells; my thoughts were this is so old ladyish. But now I will admit, keeping them underwater *and* moving them took some stamina. I only wish I had someone my age to fool around with. I mean, when we're doing jogging in the water, and the old ladies are huffing and puffing, I just need someone to look at and know that it's such a breeze for her too. Know what I mean?

What's your favorite candy bar? Just think of it. Do they still sell it? Well, almost no one sells my favorite candy bar any more. It's the....uh...oh yeah, Reese's Fastbreak. I had a tiny brain fart there. Don't mind it. I found them once, in a Walgreens. Guess where? Sevierville, Tennessee. I miss them. They were so yummy and fat laden. Now, all they have are those Whips, "low-fat!" What schmucks!

I sent my old roommates some brownies today. Ro and BB. The three of us were roommates at BJU last year, along with the Redneck. Somehow, through some freak of nature, through some loop hole in the BJU planning, Ro and BB ended up being roommates again this year. I promised BB that I would send her brownies on National Chocolate Cake Day. But I had to send them to Ro, cause I didn't have BB's box number at school.

K, time to go.


  1. me too....I wish SOMEONE would make me some brownies :'(

  2. showoff. You do the aerobics, I'll eat the brownies.

  3. she made me brownies! They were gooood!! Mmmmmm