Free Pancakes at IHOP

I like cheesecake, who doesn't? I was craving it the other day, a good fruit-drenched cheesecake. So I went out and tried to buy one. All they had was pre-mixed, no-bake ones. I didn't have a list of ingredients for a homemade one, so I took the easy way out. I bought a no-bake out-of-the box cherry cheesecake. It turned out pretty good. I even had it ready by the time Mark came home from work! Here's the catch, if I had made it in one pan, like a 9-inch pie pan, it would have been gone by the time he left after lunch. So, I put it into 4 little bowl things, one of the many sets of pyrex we received as a wedding present. Viola! I have cheesecake that will last me until at least tomorrow.

I've also been busy, on my days off, working on my scrapbook. I can't put pictures up, cause I haven't patented the designs yet, and I don't want them copied. Their that good! Well, a few of them are pretty good. The others...look like a 2 year old cut out the pictures. I started all before I had my nifty little cutting tool and templates. I took over the couch, and a dining room chair, and a few boxes as my working space.

I'm headed to eat my free pancakes at IHOP. Go get yours!

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  1. Yummy. I love cheesecake!! I have a couple of REALLY GOOD recipes. I'll put them on my recipe blog later....then you can make real bake-in-the-oven cheescake. ALTHOUGH....the ones like you made are super yummy, too. We like to add 8 oz of cream cheese to the filling and it makes it even better.