Swimming with the Jellies, dude

While we were in Sevierville, we went to Ripley's Aquarium. It was pretty stinking cool. Here's the pics we took. Well, some of them, if I put them all here, it'll take me all day. You can go to my facebook page and look at them there (in a while, that is).

I got to pet these stingrays. They're soft and slimy, almost like those vinyl pools when you've kept the water in them for too long.

Mr. Leopard Shark was swimming with the stingrays, and the guy that was saying we could pet the stingrays was like, make sure you don't touch the shark. He can still hurt you. Like, duuh!

He looks tough, but I bet he's a real pushover

Swimming with the jellies, dude!

He looked really fuzzy, but you can't see it here. See what happens to you when you just lounge around all day long?

Do you see the tunnel in the background? It's really a tunnel, not just some clever illusion trick. It's called the shark tunnel, and there were a ton of sharks, almost like being with them. About halfway through, there was a bunch of scratches on the water side of the plexiglass with a sign. The sign said that there was a shark attack in 2000, but no one was hurt. I can't imagine what it was like...shudders... As we were coming out of the tunnel, a photographer was standing there and said that lots of people get their picture taken here. She took one with her camera (that we later bought, sucked in by tourism...), and volunteered to take one with our camera.

That lady must have been bored, cause she offered to take our picture here in front of this wall of fish. They're kinda creepy with their eyes all shiny...

Hi, I'm Dori.


Last, but not least, an amemenome, anenenome, anemonone....whatever.


  1. Cool pictures! I like the one of you and Mark near the tunnel. Cool!! Looks like a fun place to go.

  2. What Sunnon said -- sounds like you two had fun that day. I love the aquarium....and those pics are fabulous, dah'ling