"On Top of Old Smokey...."

So, maybe, the pictures aren't in the same order as we took them, but that's ok. They're all here. We just *had* to pick one of the coldest days to go up into the mountains. We tried going on one of the trails, and we did, for a while. But I didn't have on the right kind of shoes (I had clogs, not really mountain climbing shoes). All the while we were going up, we kept passing people dressed in mountain gear. Think hiking boots, climbing poles, big coats, back packs, and anything else that comes along. 

Ok, we're good. Dan and Susan took Mark and I out to eat. We went to Chedder's. It was good. Back to pics....

View from the top of the park at the NC/TN state line

 See above comment.

Mark obviously had the camera. I was videotaping with commentary.

This tree was on that trail we took, as were the following several pictures. The middle of the roots, were hollow, like there was a hard clump of dirt that it grew around and then the dirt eroded or something like that.

 See how cold it was??

For those of you with bad eyes the sign says 
Since 1988, Park Rangers have conducted 51 rescues in this area involving 17 injuries and 1 fatality. The total cost of these rescues has exceeded $20,000."

Oh, this picture is out of order. It was at the top of the mountains.

Those past four pics were on the trail. The bridge we passed over was kinda rickety. Well, one was, one wasn't too bad, and I don't remember the third one. The below picture is why.

I was on my honeymoon and more interested in that man than the scenery. And, yes, my eye was being squished by his cheek ;)


  1. Very nice -- there are some really great shots there. It looks like you two had tons of fun!!