Wedding Day Bliss

For those of you who were at my wedding, thanks :) as you know, it went off well with basically no noticeable flaws. The few I know of, I'll just let you keep on thinking it was perfect. It really was, I wouldn't have changed anything. The reception part was a bit sketchy, but I wasn't in charge, and it didn't matter any more, I was married!! We've been staying in Sevierville (severe-ville) at a condo/resort. It's nice, like we have a bedroom, bathroom, washer, dryer, kitchen, dishwasher (automatic, not named Mark :D), living room/dining room combo. It's nice. There's an indoor pool, out door hot tub (we saw some people swimming in it, in 40 degree weather!!), a few tanning beds, free wi-fi in the main lodge, an 'activity room' (for activities, I'd guess). The staff here is very friendly, and cheerful (I guess it's their job :D), but it makes it even more special. I'll write more about what we did around town, later.
We're headed home tomorrow about 7 am, because we need to make a little stop in Richmond before 3.

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  1. Hey -- glad you had a wonderful honeymoon. I can't wait to hear about what y'all did -- well, most of what you did anyways. Ok. Some of the touristy details would be great :D