Thankful for too many beans...

It all started with too many beans....then it progressed into a little bit of chest pain, and dyspnea (not being able to breath easily). So Mark's mom took his Dad to the hospital. They did a few blood tests and stuff like that, and discovered his enzymes (the ones mainly for heart attack) were too high. Still his blood work wasn't too, too bad. But upon having more chest pain and dyspnea from going potty, they decided not to let him out of bed any more. This was Friday nightish...
They kept him over night for observation. Saturday, his enzymes were not normal, so they transfered him over to the heart hospital in Wausau. "They" told him that he would probably not make it to our wedding on Saturday. As you can imagine, Dad Mc didn't take the news very well. But "they" said it'd be better to miss one event, and live, than to die and miss the rest of his family's lives. "They" also decided that, in order to see what was really up with his heart, they would do a heart catheterization either Sunday or Monday. "They" couldn't fit him in Sunday, so they did it today.
Conclusion: (viewer discretion advised)
One major artery was 100% blocked, while the other two major ones were both 50% blocked. The only thing keeping him from having a major heart attack was one vessel that was completely clean. Praise God for a network of arteries. They put a stent in the vessel that was blocked, but "they" also decided that Dad Mc needed a triple CABG (coronary artery bypass graph). "They" are going to it in about 4 weeks.
Because of all that goings on, Dad Mc has to be on 'rest' until his surgery, which means no flying. Thankfully, I have an awesome almost brother-in-law-in-law, who is going to be staying with him. We're trying to figure out a way to broadcast the ceremony live up to Wisconsin, so he can at least see it as it happens (well, maybe a few seconds behind). I heard that they're planning (not "they,") their own little party up there. Hey, maybe Mark and I with ditch our party and join theirs... :)
But just imagine...what if Dad Mc had not had all those beans, had not had bad enough gas to cause his arteries to constrict to cause his angina (chest pain), to send him to the hospital, to diagnose these blockages. He might be in worse condition than he is now. So, I'm thankful to too many beans.


  1. We've been praying for him - and for you guys. Get with Wayne Scott - he's the guru of all things technological and can probably broadcast live for you. He does it for VBC all the time.

  2. Nice way of summing thimgs up, Sis ;) I'm thankful for too many beans, too....and for my new sister.