De-bachelorizing the apartment

Since I don't have any pictures of how the apartment looked before I cleaned it up, you'll just have to trust me when I say that it was a MESS! I'm not going to blame Mark, cause it was mostly my stuff. Like boxes of my stuff. The week before the wedding, my dad and I brought down a car load, and a truck load of my stuff and my wedding shower presents. The floor was covered, literally covered, with stuff. We had to dig paths through the boxes and bags to from room to room. I cleaned it Monday while Mark was at work. I was worried that he might come in from work and decide that he had went into the wrong apartment. But he didn't. Although, he did come in and say "Whoa! You've been a busy wife!" But I enjoyed it, mainly because it was my stuff in my apartment. And I didn't have to worry about anyone coming in and saying, "Where's my stuff?" In addition to cleaning, last night we hung pictures and curtains, and our clock, too! But I don't have pictures of that yet. But here's what I do have. Enjoy!

Our bedroom went through quite a change. Instead of the bed being in the middle of the room, the dresser being surrounded by clothes and suitcases. My parents gave us that dresser and night stand. Too bad it's the only dresser we have... :)

Oh, this is my favorite part of the apartment. Those boxes are all empty of useful stuff. There's only trash in them now. It used to be a very unstable pile, but I condensed and made it all fit nicely.

Our beautiful furniture. The top one is the clock Mark's cousin Marilyn and Karl got us for our wedding. It's hung up now, right above that love seat.

Our Christmas tree sparsely decorated. Isn't Mark just the greatest husband to go buy it and set it up for us. 
There, isn't that much better? I think we got like 6 Christmas ornaments that say something like "our first Christmas." Oh, this one, I looked closely at, and the date on it....2006 :) but it's small and unnoticeable. And I like the ornament, so I'm keeping it anyways :)

These are our new dishes, fresh from Target (tar-zhay'). We got like a million bucks in gift cards to Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We went out and got some dishes so that we didn't have to keep on using 1) Christmas dishes, 2) a handful of plastic dishes I "borrowed" from my parents' house, or 3) a few glass dishes from Mark's parents' house. I mean, all together we had plenty of dishes, but only if we washed them right after we eat. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing with washing dishes 3 times a day, but why wash 2 cups and 2 plates 3 times a day when you can put 6 cups and 6 plates in the dishwasher once a day?

Do you like our dining room? How about that lazy susan? My sister-in-law, Susan (who, by the way, was our first official guest since moving in. They stopped in on their way back from Charleston to Annapolis from visiting her mom) gave it to us as a wedding present. 

And that's that.


  1. Hey -- the apartment looks REALLY great!! I especially love the beaituful afghan on the back of the couch. hehehe!!

    Yummy dishes, too!

  2. you don't eat the dishes so they're not yummy. you eat what is on the dishes....THAT is yummy...most of the time

  3. Loved the pics - thanks for sharing. And tell Mark if he thinks your food is ever NOT yummy, to check out the invincible biscuit story on my blog. It will make him thankful for you.