My Preschool Daze

You are going to get so used to pictures on my blog. See, I downloaded all the pictures from my camera and they just happened to be ones that I could blog about. At least, I'm getting the blogging every day thing down :) So here's me class. Don't let their cute pictures confuse you. They're all little demons inside, every last one of them! 
Back row: Cayleigh, Bobby, Jalen, Gabby, Noah
Middle row: Charleigh, Maggie, Brandon, Rana, Tanner
Front row: Brenna, Julie, Jaden, Nicholas, Anton

This one and the one below are their silly faces. They just all *happened* to bring them to school that day.

These are my boys, Jalen, Tanner, and Brandon. Yeah, Brandon is picking his nose, Tanner is...playing with a spiderweb...? and Jalen is doing good smiling.

I didn't really teach teach, although it sounds a whole lot more professional to say it like that. I just did daycare, oh, and nap time. from 1230 till 530. Every day, the kids were like, "Tomorrow are you coming after nap time?" Cause I'd come in after nap time started, all the kids were usually asleep or getting there, and I was still there when they woke up. But you should have been there on days that I didn't work. Actually, the days *after* the ones I didn't work. All afternoon long I'd hear, "why wasn't you here yesterday?"

One more thing, Notice my shining hair? That is the result of trying to get my highlights "professionally" touched up. I hated it, but thankfully, I was able to get the shining covered with a nice golden brown before the wedding pictures. One side of the shining is beginning to show through, but not anywhere near as bad as that.

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  1. See? Now you've learned your lesson: don't go to "professionals." Your good old friend Hannah will help you do it for free! lol