Mark's coming over tomorrow!!

I finally realized that this wedding planning is not all it's cracked up to be. There's gazillions of questions I've been asked that I can't answer. Questions like, what time is the rehearsal? Who's decorating? I even have trouble answering how many in the wedding party...My brain is turning to mush! I don't delegate very well.

But Mark is coming up tomorrow, so it's ok, right? He's taking me out for my birthday. Just the two of us, then we're going to go see a movie. It's been forever since I've seen one of those in a theater. Watching them at home with your family crowded on one couch, just isn't the same thing.


  1. What movie are you going to see?

  2. OK, so just to get in the spirit of things, I'll ask you yet another question. Are my kids supposed to come? I thought they were (the invitation said "and family") but at the website when I rsvp'd, there was only room to check yes for Ben and me. Tell me what's better for y'all. We can go either way.