Ode to Vince Gill

I have very sad news to share. My betta fish of two years died this morning. :'( I got up this morning, and dad was watering plants, and mom was sitting on the couch. Mom said good morning to me and kinda grunted at dad. Dad turned around and said, what? good morning? no? uh, (mom mouthed something) what? my flies opened?? Mom motioned him over to her and whispered in his ear. Dad said oh! that....Vince was a nice fish. that's all he had to say, I knew the rest. I ran to the kitchen...there he was, on the bottom of the vase, eyes open, just lying there like a...dead fish... I cried for a bit, you know how emotional women can get. Dad said they had a nice garden they could burry him in. So long, Vince Gill. My roommate Robyn gave him his surname. I was just calling him Vince. She added Gill. It stands for two thing. One, our love of country music. Two, the fish from What About Bob? I've created an Ode to Vince Gill.

Farewell, dead fish, you were always fun to have around.
Farewell, dead fish, I'm sad to see you on the ground.
Farewell, dead fish, you are headed to be buried under a mound.
Farewell, dead fish, what a dear friend in you I have found.


  1. Um, condolences on the loss of Vince. The ode was lovely. Aren't you glad you have plenty to get your mind off him?

  2. Poor, poor Vince. Maybe you will get a new fish for a wedding present.