the future Mrs. McMillen

11 more days until my birthday :) I like movies and books, and chocolate, and books, and food, and books....

38 more days until my wedding. I'm working on getting the table center pieces stuff together. There's a box or several up at my church that I'm gonna go pilfer. Yeah, I asked to use them. I've actually asked several people...it's all legal and good.

I finished painting Sarah's room today. I started it....a loong time ago. But I had a reasonable excuse for not finishing. There was this huge dresser hiding the entire last wall. I tried moving it by myself, but I just didn't have big enough muscles :( On a better note, my Marine brother was home this weekend, so he and my super strong dad scooted the dresser out of the way so i could get behind it. I whipped out my handy-dandy paint brush and finished the wall. I took a ton of pictures too. I'm working on getting them up loaded. If I can't get them here, I'll put them on my facebook site.

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