Wachovia vs. Bank of America....no comparison

I was at the bank yesterday, to set up a new checking account....

~Background scene~
Wachovia and I do not get along. I had a savings account, and the bank was charging me $5 a month to keep it. I didn't know that until they sucked up the last of my $2 in there one day. Did they mention it to me when I opened the account?? Nope. But they did, when I called to find out about it, tell me that if I had a free savings account they wouldn't have been charging me a service fee. But, oh, I didn't have a free student checking account, I just had a college access account. Oh, with a college access checking account, I only get 2 free teller transactions in a 30 day period. My mom, who's name is also on it because it was a college access account, can have unlimited access. BUT they never ask me for my name, or ID or anything. Mom can give them a deposit with my name on it, and how do they know if it's me or mom??? Ok, so, did you get all that?? In addition to all that, they take about 4 or 5 days for transactions to be posted to my account, I promise. Once I bought a case of water from a grocery store, on October 4th or something. Finally, on the 5th, they decided to deduct it from my account. I know it's not the stores, because other people have theirs deducted the same day, if not posted by the next. All righty then, all clear as mud??

~Back to now~
I was planning on switching accounts to whatever bank Mark uses anyways. He's added me onto one of his checking accounts at Bank of America. I went Monday to set up my own checking account. They were doing a $25 referral bonus for both the referred and referrer. I gave them my social to pull out Mark's and my account, but they said that it wasn't there...weird, huh? So they showed me different accounts, and I finally was able to get a free student account, because I have plans to maybe...possibly....in my dreams....go to school in one....two....several....few years....perhaps.... Then out of curiosity, I asked what kind of account Mark had, so we could get the same. So Samira, that's her name, tried typing my social again but it still didn't come up. So she typed in his name and pulled it up that way. Then Samira found out they typed in my social security number wrong. But on a better note, it turns out that his account is free. Somehow it missed the monthly fees to keep it going. The lady said that to be able to change my social, Mark and I would have to show up together, remove my name, then add me back on. Because when we tried to just change my social. the computer thought that she was trying to use someone else's social security number. But I got a new checking account set up, at a new bank that can only get better from my Wachovia experience. Tomorrow, I'm headed to make my first deposits to my new bank account. Well, I did deposit a pay check when I opened the account, but that doesn't count....does it?? Didn't think so.

~Change of subject~
I've used up my quota of words for at least a month, so don't expect anything else soon.

~Change of mind~
I've got my invitations stamped and sealed, and I'm mailing them tomorrow :D I've also got wedding announcements to send out. But more than likely, if you're reading this, you'll get an invitation, so don't worry :) unless you're Mark. You're expected to show up, if you don't I might end up marrying the first single guy I can find... :D

I think I'm going to make biscuits for breakfast tomorrow. Wanna come??


  1. I hope your experience with BofA is better than mine. I wound up at Navy Federal Credit Union. And I WOULD have been there for biscuits if I had KNOWN you were making them. Come read my biscuit story.