No patience for patients

Still alive, yo.

Patient of the day: "Are you coming back in the morning? Because I'd like someone who already knows me to be my nurse" was said to me about 5 minutes after I met her. I met her at 7:15 pm, as my shift was ending. I guess she thought we had a connection going on.

Runner-up patient of the day: bed-ridden, 350 pounds, massively swollen legs, necrotic ulcers on her abdominal panis, multiple pressure sores on her back, butt, and posterior thighs, has a long-term trach, incontinent of poop, and won't do anything for herself. She thinks she gets to go home because she doesn't want to go to rehab/nursing home. Who will care for her? Her parents who are in their 70s. Her momma can barely walk without falling, her daddy is in a neck brace. It takes three strapping nurses to turn her over, amid her many shouts of "I don't want to turn, I'll be ok sitting in my sh*t, leave me alone. Yeah, of course she'll be fine at home.

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