2nd Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge: Day 6

So I missed days 4 and 5 because I was working. And now today I caught up on all my washing. What an appropriate topic, my wash routine!
I drop a wet diaper in a bucket of water. I keep the bucket in the tub. When I have several diapers I use a designated spoon to agitate the diapers, but I think using my hand works better. Then I wring and refill the bucket with hot water. One more rinse, then a table spoon of Rockin Green for a load, which ends up being 4-6 diapers. I tried using 1/2 tbspn, but they were still stinky. Then I do two agitating rinses with hot water and wrong between each one.
Between wringing diapers and taking the stairs at work (the elevators were on the fritz) I'm going to be so muscular!!

I rolled each diaper and cover in a twirl and had my "assistant" help stomp them! But that was kinda dumb. Now I have a pile of wet towels!

And then I hang them up! Outside if it's a morning load, inside around the house if it's a nighttime load. I'm still waiting for a clothes line, so I improvise :)

I'm mobile so I can't post the links of the other bloggers, but you can visit Dirty Diaper Laundry for them! http://dirtydiaperlaundry.com/2nd-annual-flats-and-handwashing-challenge-day-6-going-out-babysitters-and-husbands/

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