2nd Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge: Day 1

Back: 2 fleecies, Grovia cover, AppleCheeks cover, Grovia cover
Front: Thirsties cover (with my snappi) Grovia cover
What a way to break the hiatus, huh? Today marks the day that I use flat diapers for a week! I'm kind of thinking I'll be struggling by the time Sunday rolls back around, but let's see.

I've got to talk to the hubs to get him onboard for when he changes the baby's diaper before I get home from work.

I'm just including Gavin, because Brendon only wears diapers at night, and usually it's Pull-Ups (have I mentioned that I despise Pull -Ups? but that's a discussion for another day!)

Here's (most of) my supplies. I have another 4 flat diapers still in the laundry pile, a few lost snappies, and another Thirsties cover. And not pictured are the accessories, a bucket, drying rack (a saw-horse), detergent--stuff like that.

  • 20 Flat diapers (12 Diaper Rite, 8 flour sack towels (4 Walmart brand, 4 Target brand(
  • 2 Fleecie covers
  • 3 GroVia covers
  • 3 Applecheeks envelopes (I'll be using these as covers, don't worry!)
  • assorted wipes and wipes solutions
  • 5 gallon bucket (currently in the shower holding a diaper)
  • Rockin' Green laundry detergent.

Today's topic of choice is why I'm choosing to do this challenge. I switched to cloth diapers to save money. While it can be debated that cloth diapers actually save money vs theoretically (because the diapers are so cute, addicting and scream BUY ME!!), I want to prove that you can cloth diaper on a low budget and save money! I'm going to list the prices of the covers and flats and accessories. Although most of what I have has been bough used, I'm going to list the retail value.

And, as a work-out side the home mom, I'd like to show you it can be done!!

Flats: 12 for $17.50 (Diaper Rite), 8 for $8 (Walmart and Target)
Fleece covers: $6-9 each (the camo cover I made, and the blue one was bought used, but I think you can find a new one for about $8
GroVia covers: $16.95 each (the seaside I bought new from GroVia, the owl I bought from BabySteals, and the nature I bought used)
AppleCheeks covers: $20.50 for the print (pictured) $19.00 for the solid. Not pictured.
Snappi: $3-5 (depending where and what size. Mine is a toddler size, was $4.95)
Wipes: free--repurposed from scraps 
Bucket: free--left here by previous tenants
Rockin' Green Detergent: $13.50 but I got mine on Black Friday, so there was a sale.
Thirsties covers: $11.50 for the blue (sz small) $13.50 for the owl cover (not pictured. it's gone missing...) But I won it from Thirsties giveaways.

Retail Value is $175.35. While that is quite a bit of money for a "simple" diapering system, I actually only spent about $100 on all that. I fully advocate for used cloth diapers. Yes, it's a little disturbing at first (it was to me!), but I brought them home and washed the snot out of them! lots of hot water and sun!

The only Snappi I have left, the other three (3!!) have run off

My pile of flats (minus 4 that are in the laundry pile still)

My wipes (and cute toddler piggies!)

Flat/cover #1

Flat/cover #2


  1. I am wondering how much harder it will be to wash something like an AC envelope vs. a PUL cover. I will see too!

  2. Good luck mama!! Let us know how fleece is to wash???