yeast, blow-outs, and blogging

Gah! I've let so many days go by without blogging, but I've seen so many days of playing with my boys, so I still feel good about myself!

I've been dealing with a nasty case of thrush that Gavin has. I've been using the nystatin mouth stuff, and it got it almost away, but it's back in full force! He has a next appointment next Wednesday, so I guess I'll just keep with Nystatin until then, then I'm asking for other advise. I know of gentian violet, but I'm cringing at the staining, because knowing Gavin, those days will the the worse spit-up days in history!

I should give GSE a try, grapefruit seed extract, I think. It's just the matter of being able to go get it in the mornings, and right now, my mornings are swamped. I might have better luck running errands soon, Mark's boss told him he's not allowed to work any more over time (Boss-man didn't like paying 10+ hours of time and a half every week!!) so I think he's going to work four 10-hour days and take one day off a week and work on his side business. With that, I can at least coordinate errands with him watching the kids if I need to. Or, if he decides to only work 8 hours a day, and leave at 3:30, then I can run out during nap time.

Oh, potty training. I'm such a push-over. We did good for about an hour, Brendon peed on the potty, wore big boy underwear and didn't have an accident. Yeah, for an hour. Then, Gavin woke up and needed to be fed, so I put him in a pull-up and let him go. Am I dooming myself to have a 6 year old that isn't potty trained!? I know he's not "ready," really, but I want him to know the process. Well, as much as his 2 1/2 year old brain can. He ran around for about 30 minutes with a leaky wet diaper and soaking pants and didn't make a fuss! How is that normal?! Oh, and the same time he was like that, Gem had poop up in his armpits! Unfortunately, we were at a staff meeting for my work, so I was in a bind. I lasted as long as I could before leaving early. The ONE TIME I don't take an extra outfit, is the ONE TIME it's a huge mess! His blanket, his carseat (which reminds me, I need to go wash that stuff before tomorrow), his clothes. Thankfully, in the car I had an emergency stash. Brendon had a pull-up and extra pants, thank you!! and Gem had a onsie. Although I lost it in the great changing time, but there was a fleece suit (you know, footie, hoodie, mittens, zip-up) that I put him into for the ride home. I will never forget to make sure that emergency stash is stocked!

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