Hopefully, The First of Many

This is the problem with trying to blog everyday. I can't find something to write about. And how boring is if to listen to someone prattle on about how there's nothing to talk about.

I got a bread machine for Christmas. The result was, still is, delicious. It said to use bread machine flour, but that sounds like a ploy to get more money. I used bread flour, and so far it turned out good. Any thoughts on the issue?

I ushered in the New Year with some bubble-bubble, some crickets (my alarm sounded like crickets and I was so mad I couldn't find that cricket), and a baby who slept until 3am.

So here's to twenty-twelve. May you get days where all the kids nap at the same time, where the kitchen stays clean for more than 3.5 seconds, and extra money in the bank at the end of the months.

Adios, muchachos.

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