2012 goals, aspirations and desires

I never understood the whole hype behind the new year and "resolutions." I mean, why wait until the new year to do something? Sounds like procrastination at its finest! But I got to thinking about what goals I want to have for this new year and I came up with a few.
One, blog more, and in January, I'm going to try to get a blog post up for each day. Ha, stop laughing, all of you!
I also want to take one picture a day, probably with my phone, so I can do a week review of pictures. It'll help with the postings, I think.
And last, but not in any way least, I want to get away from the social media one day a week or so. I've cut way back since having two kids, but all too often, both boys nap together and I waste my precious time on FB or blog reading.
Other worthy aspirations include frequent library time (which we already do with story time sessions) and that's it. I'm not even going to kid myself into thinking I'll do better with cleaning to laundry or any silly thing like that.
2012 will see lots of changes. My baby will turn 3. Three! My new one will turn a year. I will have been at my current job 4 years, and current position 2 years. We will have been in a house, not apartment, for one year. This summer will be busy, two birthdays, two, maybe 3 weddings, a trip to the north, a trip to the south.
The biggest desire of 2012 is to kick this yeast that Gavin and I have been tossing back and forth for a month or so. Gah!

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