getting a nice self portrait**

The other day Gem was refusing to fall asleep and was protesting loudly!! I didn't really want him to wake up his brother, who had just fallen asleep mid-protest. So I picked him up for an impromptu self-portrait session. It's not as easy as I thought it would be. I mean, the camera is a forward-facing camera. The baby is a backwards facing kid. I was doing some weird twists and turns in my wrist and now it kinda resembles a letter M. *ahem* Without further ado, my attempts: 
(ok, I lied on accident. {crap, I just totally blanked--we're watching Psych})
dude, lady, you're supposed to look at the camera.
First, make sure that your back isn't to the camera. I mean if you want to get a picture of the two of you, both of you need to face the same way!
hi, can I have something to eat?
OK, so a little better on the turn, but now you need to make sure to get a good part of the face. Unless you're going for dramatic, then cut out an eye or something. I'm sure most people will still assume that you have both of them!

don't look at her, look at me! I'm cuter-and not sleepy!
So, you've got a good angle at looking at the camera, now you just need to work on the area angle.

psssh, sure just cut me out completely!
 Nope, too far down. and just ignore the laundry basket full of clothes! At least they're clean AND not in the living room!

 ok, so, got a different a orientation and it allowed for better area coverage, but the same thing applies for the rest of my head. But you guys still know that I have a forehead. RIGHT!? I promise I do!

what!? and you didn't even smile? I'm going to sleep then
And we have one I like. I do wish I had smiled, but I was tired of holding the camera just so, and Gem was almost asleep. I'm trying to make sure he falls asleep in his own bed (bouncy seat, swing, whatever). I like how the boarder of the mirror is blurred. I like that the color is just right. The camera is out of the way of both of us but not hidden in the corner. The picture is untouched. All I have is iPhoto to play with pictures, and it's kind of a boring editor. 

I've missed blogging fun-ly. I think I'm going to do it again.

**totally kidding that I know how to do it. That last picture was totally accident and just happened to be my last one.

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