I {heart} these things

Going along with the newborn stuff, here's a list of things that I could not live without!
  • Bouncy seat: I think this is the one place that Gavin will fall asleep in by himself. I wrap him snuggly in a super soft blanket, turn the vibration on and he'll be gone in a few minutes. Providing the vibrations don't bring a gas bubble up. :(
  • Blankets big enough for swaddling: yes, that's blanketSSS. We have 5 and they all get used at least once a week. Gavin's favorite is a shag fleecie/minky one. It's soft and warm enough if he's not dressed.
  • Prefold cloth diapers: not the Gerber ones, but good quality 100% cotton, Chinese or Indian, bleached or unbleached prefolds. I had originally bought them to use as diapers, but I couldn't gather enough covers before GEM was born, and they were too bulky for me to figure out (I didn't take much time because I didn't want to get peed or pooed on!). But, they are great at catching spit-ups. Gavin is a spitter! These diapers are thirsty! The Gerber ones let the stuff roll down-usually onto me!
  • Moby wrap: although Brendon is good at holding my hand in parking lots, I would not be able to move fast enough to grab him if he ran away if I was carrying Gavin in his car seat. But secure in the Moby, I can run if need be. It's also great for making room in the shopping cart for groceries. We used it when we went trick-or-treating, when we went to the pumpkin patch and hay maze, on a walk, playing in the yard, at the hospital and at the grocery stores.
Of course, there's the usual clothes, diapers, wipes and such, but these are my favorite items. At least, they're the ones that I can think of right now. I'm going to take a nap--oh, no I'm not. I'm going to feed the baby. I love him, but he is sucking my brains and sanity out!

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