Boppy Pillow: Review

I feel like I've bitten of more than I can chew, promising all these blog posts-what with two kids and a house all clamoring for my attention. But, I can at least let you know how I feel about these items like I said I would.

So, next up is the Bobby nursing pillow. I can't really compare it to something else, but I know that it is essential to your back and sanity to have some sort of nursing pillow.

The Boppy pillow  has something called the Miracle Middle® stretch panel. Basically it can stretch to fit most waist sizes. There are many different slip covers to choose from, but no matter waht you pick, make sure to buy the protective slip cover too! It's a waterproof cover that would have saved my Boppy from so many spot cleanings last baby. This baby? It has done it's duty well!

Many places sell the Boppy, separate as the bare naked boppy, or with a slipcover. Slip covers are also sold separately so you can pick up a few!

We have used the Boppy for many things. It's even a comfy pillow for ME to sit on... :)

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