Bamboobies Nursing Pads: Review!

With my first son, I had a tremendous milk let-down reflex. He'd start to nurse and the other b00b would soak my clothes in seconds! So when this guy was on his way, I knew I needed some sort of good nursing pad, and those disposable ones are uncomfortable, bulky, crinkly, and just one more thing to have to throw away. So I started looking around and found Bamboobies.

Bamboo, organic cotton and hemp make these reusable breast pads the most absorbent and unbelievably soft nursing pads around. "Our bamboo fabrics are made with both bamboo fibers and pulp and are Certified Organic. Our bamboo fabric is certified free of harmful substances by Oeko-tex Standard 100.  In addition, our fabrics meet International Restricted Substance Limits standards.  We have been working closely with our suppliers to produce fabrics in an ecologically responsible manner with minimal environmental impact.  At the factories where the fabric is made, the extraction and renewal treatments for waste-water and exhaust emissions are carefully controlled and worker-safety is held to a high standard.

Organic Cotton and Bamboo are blended to create the soft velour of the regular Bamboobies and the fleece on the outside of the overnights." 

You know that you are getting quality nursing pads from Bamboobies. I have two sets of Bamboobies Regulars (although one might have gotten eaten by my washing machine). Let me tell you, not only are they very thin and discreet but the softness, wow! Pumping and nursing can make for very sore nipples, especially at the beginning, but slipping these in is like laying down on a comfy bed after a hard day's work. You can almost hear the sighs "Ahhh" :)

The outside fabric is a milk-proof barrier. The core is a thirsty hemp fabric that locks in the wetness and gets softer with each wash. The super soft lining is a certified bamboo and cotton velour. 

At first, they don't seem like much, but these do their work! The only things I found I didn't care for is that they seem to not be stay dry. Not a deal breaker, but it'd be nice for chafing nipples. The other thing is that once they absorb milk from a leak, the fabric gets stiff. So it's like you can only use them once then it's time to wash them-which is the reason I'm sad that my second pair has gone missing.

Using disposable pads can cost you about $350 for a 9-month supply, if you use two pairs per day/night. Bamboobies cost $29.99 for a set of three regulars pairs and one overnights pair. And they come in fun colors, black, hot pink, or pale pink. Who doesn't want to go around with a pair of hot pink nursing pads in their bra? It's like wearing an adorable pair of underwear-it makes you feel good and gives you a confidence booster that no one else knows about :)

You can purchase them through the Bamboobies website or through many cloth diaper stores, like Kelly's Closet here. One of my friends gave me my Bamboobies as a gift, though she bought them. I received no compensation for my thoughts and words.

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