Initiate Countdown

Countdown today: 19 days. I've been up since 4 playing with my Braxton Hicks contractions. I'm calling them BH's because 1) they're very irregular, 2) they don't "hurt" per se-but they are uncomfortable! 3) I've decided I'm not having this baby before my baby shower at work! LOL

I really need to find my camera :( It got lost in the move. But what I really need to do is upload my iPhone pics. I take a good amount of pictures with it-of Brendon, of stuff I make, of stuff in general, but it just all sits on my phone. Maybe 1 out of 8 get put on FB.

I've only got three more days at work. Well, three days spaced out over a week and a half. Friday, Tuesday and Saturday. This Thursday, like tomorrow, is another doctor's appointment and the baby shower at work. I work Friday. The weekend we'll spend bumming around town, maybe work on GEM's room. Monday we might go to the pumpkin patch. I work Tuesday, Wednesday is story time and probably another doctor's appointment. Thursday....I dunno...Friday-maybe the pumpkin patch if we didn't go Monday. Saturday is work. Sunday next week is church....and that brings us to a week before D-Day.

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