Did i forget to tell you?

i think i did. please excuse the all lower case; i'm going one handed because my toddler is sleeping in that arm. why? because he woke up early from his nap and would only sleep on mama.
but, the newest news of all: drum roll please...no, seriously, i can't say it without a proper drum roll. oh, come on, everyone can do it! just bang your hands on your lap, it's not that hard! thank you!

so, mark and i are adding to our family again! yup, we're getting a puppy! a cute little--oh, not a puppy? but brendon wants one so bad! fine. we'll have a baby then. you can't tell me they're not allowed here! i'm due mid-late october :)

i've een super sick. i don't rwmember being this sick with brendon. i do remember being sick, throwing up in the morning and at night, but i don't remember the mid-day stuff. everything i read about morning sickness with number 2 was, "i didn't notice it as much" and "running around with little [other child] made it seem not as bad". not here. i've had to put brendon down suddenly and run to the bathroom before. once the bathrooms despirately needed a cleaning, so i threw up in the living room in a trash bag...brendon watched and when i was done, proceeded to show me what i looked like, leaning over the bag. he even added sound effects. i had to laugh, it was just so cute.

so there you have it. i'll probably be back next month... :)

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  1. Congrats! Sorry about the morning sickness. Your little imitator is too funny!