ISO: amber teething necklaces STAT!

Does anyone make amber teething necklaces and want to help my poor teething, cranky toddler out? It's been awful! I know he can't help it, and it's part of life, but I think I'd rather have more than one tooth come through at once. We went though this a few weeks ago, and then all of the sudden *poof* there was one of his eye teeth. Now, I'm waiting and watching for another one.

The fever, the crying, the tears, the non-sleeping, the acetaminophen, the ibuprofen, the Orajel. Oh my word! I'm beginning to hate the smell of Orajel. And Brendon now fights the meds.

But we will get through this, and we will do it two more times! But I'm serious about the amber teething necklaces! I don't have any extra $$, but I'm willing to do a trade, for some sewing skills. Seriously, I can make a ton of things without patterns, and just about anything if there is a pattern.

He woke up from his nap, still cranky and snuggly. We sat on the couch and I rocked a little, and he fell back asleep! Was not expecting that, but he's been asleep for about another hour on the couch. Poor guy.

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  1. Krys, try giving him a damp cold washcloth. That helped alot when my baby's were teething!! I wish I could help you out with the necklace. I know its nerve wracking especially with the new baby coming too! hang in there girl!! It'll get better soon!!