How I make my covers

 When I make my covers, first, I cut out the fabric and PUL layers. Duh. Sometimes I do it together, sometimes separately. It just depends on the *mood* LOL Then I sew the soft touch tape to the tummy end, but only to the fabric, not the PUL layer too.

tummy touch tape sewed in place
Then, I place the two pieces together and trim if needed. If don't cut them together (or sometimes, even if I do!) I end up with extra wide curves or extra fabric, especially if I've cut out the pattern on a fold. I think the fold makes it wider, because it doesn't crease (you can see my pile over there <---). 

yah, yah, yah, i know it's looks funky. But it works!
 So I've matched up the layers and decide where the gather should go. I do have them marked on my pattern, but I just never remember to mark them when I'm cutting. Besides, they all end up in about the same areas. I know where I want them, so it all ends up good.

make sure you place the pins close to the edge, so you don't get extra holes
 Next comes the FOE, or fold-over elastic. This stuff is amazing. It's totally forgiving, and stretches as much or as little as you want. I don't actually start sewing at the end of the FOE. I give it a little tale, and pin until the corner. I always say I'm going to round my tabs, but each time, I never do. I just plow through. It's tedious, but I get a certain satisfaction when I see it finished. 

Hi Snoopy! I'm glad you look good in brown!
 Then, using a wide, short, three-step zig-zag, I sew around, stretching the FOE at the designated parts. I didn't take a picture of this, because I tend to focus to closely on it. Usually, I can get the FOE on with out stopping except to sew the FOE raw edges together, but I had to add a few inches, so I did have to stop and start a few times, but unless you look closely for it, it's not noticeable. 

need the right stitch!
 Then, the sticky touch tape. Someone reviewed a cover and said the tabs didn't stay closed that well, so I lengthened the sticky part, hopefully, they won't curl or come apart as easily. I really don't have a problem with it, but Brendon is always wearing pants. Our house is just too drafty/cold with out pants.

zigged around the touch tape to keep fraying enclosed
 I added an extra tab of soft touch tape, mainly because this is a medium, but the opening looked a bit big. It probably won't need it, but it doesn't hurt the function of the cover. Overlap! I couldn't remember what it was called! Overlapping touch tape. *sigh* I need more sleep.

overlapping touch tape, in case the bebe is skinny!
And I'm done. It took about an hour, but that's only if I'm alone (AKA Brendon is napping) LOL. He just loves to help. He loves pushing the reverse button.

it's finished! I loove admiring my handiwork. And see the green PUL! *love*

Here's the one I did the other day, compared to the one today. See how Snoopy is upside down on the crotch part of the one on the right? I forgot to add a seam to swap the direction of Snoopy. But it's just a small part.

Medium with brown FOE, small with Green FOE
The medium cover has an owner, but the small is up for grabs. Anyone going to have a 15lb-er around March? Anyone?

(PUL is PolyUrithane Laminate, waterproof on one side, and polyester-fabric on the other. Touch tape is generic "Velcro." Can't call it Velcro because I heard they sued for their name. FOE is fold-over elastic. It has a seam that makes it fold easily, perfect for binding!)