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 Alright. I guess it's time I humbled myself and say what I never, ever dreamed I'd say (Yes, Amy Grace, I'm thinking of you!) I love my cloth diapers!! *deep breath* I love my cloth diapers!

Daddy bought a new gun. Mommy bought new diapers! Yay!!
Oh, hi! I...uh...scoffed at the idea of cloth diapers because of the laundry. I despise laundry. Right now, I have a mountain (although it's dwindling bit by bit) of dirty laundry up stairs, a basket full of clean laundry up stairs (maybe two..?), one down stairs, drier full of clothes, and washing machine full of diapers. I'm never caught up. I'm always finding clothes I had forgotten I loved because I hadn't washed it in a month. Huh, maybe that should be a sign I have too many clothes?

Covers I made myself! and yes, I do use the ones I keep
But really, adding two loads a week? Like a sprinkler during a rainstorm. Don't worry, I'm not trying to convert you, but I feel like I need to come clean.  I feel good about not throwing so many diapers away. I felt like I needed to keep them on Brendon as long as possible to not use as many through out the day. And, honestly, some times I wanted to put a diaper BACK on after bath-time for the night if it wasn't really *that* wet. No, I never did, but I seriously thought about it.

Attempting to be organized, yeah right, it's usually empty!
 I've only used disposables for the babysitter this week, Monday and Tuesday. I think Mark's going to use them this weekend when I work, but I've saved a couple dozen of diapers from the trash this week. Even though *crosses fingers* Brendon will be out of diapers soon *ish, soon-ish* they'll last for the next kid. I have two pocket diapers I made (used to have three until one broke in the wash), two covers (used to be three until one fell apart), one fleecie (pull on cover), and about a dozen or so prefolds I lay in the covers. I have three BumGeniuses, two Fuzzibuns, two Happy Hineys, two Babykicks 3.0, and two (used to be one, but I got a free one, in fact, they were both free with orders!). I have a pre-loved BumGenius 3.0, 6 KaWaii baby diapers (soon to be 5 because I'm sending one back-it's snap broke!).

new fluff!
 I've started picking out the best diapers I like, and want to get more of them. One is the BumGenius, and one is BabyKicks. I hope to get some more pictures up, but Brendon has all of the sudden become camera shy angry. He throws a fit when I turn it on around him, I think it's because I'm using it and not him.
Mommy's creations...the kid and the diaper! LOL
Anyways, this is my change for our children's planet. I'm sorry, I like my hot showers waay to much to give them up. YOU CAN'T HAVE IT!

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  1. I love the covers you've made. You are much more productive than I've ever been, but even the few things that I made I used the most, because they fit much better when they are made with an actual baby in mind.