Hi, do I know you?

I should have waited a few more weeks, then I could have made it a full month of being a slacker! Ugh, I just don't have enough time to do what I want to do, and I want to do it all. *sigh* I really should designate certain days for certain activities. But there's just now knowing what will come up for which days. Blogger only lets you have one scheduled post at a time, and I thought about just writing a bunch of posts, entertaining of course, and scheduling them all for several weeks, but I'm sure you can tell how that ended up.
My friend Amy G had her baby boy! Finally! LOL one of her last FB status's was something about that baby being evicted. I'm glad he decided to come out.  Recently, one of our new friends announced they were pregnant. She's due the day before I was. I'm so happy for her, really, and I'm doing really well with not being jealous :) I was able to get in some quality bitty-baby time with EBV, a few-week old infant (not too sure about the age there :D).  AH! So cute, fun, adorable, and lovable!
I've been perfecting my sewing skills, in between working on my SIL's quilt. It was first supposed to be for her birthday, but you all know that I am a slacker, so then it was Christmas, and well, maybe it'll be done by President's Day!
Ok, enough talking, work has been driving me into the mud these past few days, so I'm taking my heiney to bed while my wonderful sister is wrecking havoc in my kitchen, under the pretense of doing my dishes.

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  1. I can totally relate. I am really struggling to keep my blogging going and everything else that I want to do.