See the whirlwind of my life and DELURK!

so much has happened since Christmas. I can't believe it's only been two weeks! As my last post mentioned, we had a family vacation. In Mississippi. With cloth diapers. With the flu. With a tornado watch. Wow. Lots of excitement there, then we had some excitement when we got home. First, I messed up my paid leave and only got 1/2 of a paycheck. Then I had to make multiple trips to the doctor/hospital/lab. Hopefully we've got it all sorted out.

Our Christmas tree is still up and lit. Our stockings are still hung up. Our suitcase of dirty clothes JUST got emptied onto the floor of the laundry room. Our suitcase of clean clothes (there was a washer there, so I did some laundry) is sitting at the top of the stairs as opposed to the bottom where it was this morning.

Since the beginning of December I've taken 6 days off work for sicknesses, 3 days off for our vacation, and 1 day off (this is unpaid because my paid leave ran out) for doctor/hospital visits.

I've procured some testers for my diapers in different sizes. I can only test one size on Brendon, and I feel kinda weird asking non-cloth diaper users to borrow their baby. I did once, and it was really awkward. I'm waiting for a shipment of velcro before I can start sewing.

I've got a fleecie made and waiting shipment to a reviewer/tester. Not my design, but I'm allowed to sell them. It turned out really cute!

I just did a load of dishes (first one since being back from vacation on Monday night) and I already have another load of dirty JUST from dishes collected from the living room. I think they multiply in this one corner over here. *looks towards Mark* :D

So, see, it's been a very full month. But....!

Please, delurk and leave me some love! I need it!

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  1. I'll delurk! I hear ya about the dishes multiplying. I've been trying to keep up with them better, but it's like a few hours go by and there's a huge pile of dirty dishes.
    I love when you blog! I pretty much always laugh (except for the sad ones) and it's nice to be able to relate:)