Ah, internets!! We're on vacation in Mississippi visiting my husband's family and childhood friends. It's the deep south! I was worried that Brendon might start really talking and end up with a southern drawl, but I don't think that's very likely. But anyways, the town we're staying in doesn't have high speed internets, or 3G coverage to use my phone. I mamnage to skimp along for email and facebook and reading blogs, but that's it. We went to some other town for a get-together and this town gas 3G! I've got so much to say, so I'd better get started before the 3G goes away. I'll wrote tidbits now, so I remember what I want to say when we get back home.
First, I was brave and travelled with cloth diapers. I pondered over it for a long time: do I bring them all; do I bring my laundry soap or just stick to vinegar and baking soda; do I chicken out and use disposables; do I put BAM in cloth diapers to travel in; is there a washer and drier handy? That washer/drier was a deal buster. If there was not, then no go. But there is one here and the vinegar baking soda is working great (with arm & hammer detergent). We went half the way in cloth, but I didn't want to have to stop so often so my clothies don't leak. And I'm still using disposables at night, but that might change. I found affordable cloth diapers! Like less than $10 for an all in one!
So far it's going really well. I like the most recent cover I made. It's wider in the crotch, so the prefolds sit inside the PUL rather than on top. Does that make sense? I'd have made another one, but I'm out of Velcro :( I brought my fleecies, and even had a chance to use them on my niece. She had a poopy diaper and her mommy and daddy were gone. I looked for those diapers as much as I could without peeking through their suitcases. So I grabbed the newest one of Brendon's and a fleecie. At first she didn't care, but after a while, she stated checking to see what that thing was between her legs.
Man, I misses posting this while we still had 3G. Meh, might as well keep going, huh.

One more thing, I'm working on Tata's quilt during the kids naptime, and it's going well. The binding (hand stitched binding!!) is about 1/2 of the way done. Then I just need to machine quilt the squares. I might send it to mom to do that. She offered to help, just depends if she has her machine around.

That's it. Until 3G again!

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