Traveling and cups, but not really traveling cups

 NOTE:: This was written on the way home from our Labor Day weekend vacation, and I forgot about it until now.

So, we're on our way home from our great vacation. It was an experience, one that will need some serious tweaking before we embark on our post-Christmas travels. We're insane. We're planning on going to Mississippi for the week between Christmas Day and New Year's Day. One the way down, Brendon fell asleep pretty easily at first. He slept for about 1 hour. Bummer. But I was a good mom and brought SNACKS! and DRINKS! and TOYS! that only kept him occupied while the drink/snack was in his mouth. But we managed to sneak in two quick rest stops to run off some energy. He proceded to keep himself awake until about 10pm. That's way past any semblance of a bed time, and way after he was due for a nap. It was torture. He wanted my hand, he didn't want it, then he wanted his milk, but then he didn't want it. We played the guessing game for a long, long time. Then he fell asleep about an hour away from our destination. But he did go back to sleep when we got there. *whew* The only thing, he managed to eat most of the snacks I brought....So I had to scrounge around for some more for the trip home. We've got grapes and rice cakes and cookies. And juice boxes. He drank all his milk before we started though :( But most food places sell milk as a drink option, so we should be good there.
I don't remember any significant events when we drove down, but since I'm "real-time" blogging now, I should be able to give you some fun stuff.
First, we almost witnessed a wreck. This one blond chick almost merged into another car's bumper. They both were little silver cars, so I guess neither of them would have minded the other's paint or bumper, but I expect it would have bothered the tires a bit, if they had to share car frames.
Then, this brown chick (yeah, her hair was brown, but so was her skin. I can't call her African-American, because I don't know if her ancestors were from Africa, right?!) was talking on her cell phone (I guess SC hasn't gone hands-free yet) and was in the merge lane from the entrance ramp. Except, she wasn't merging. She got to the end and started putting her brakes on. What in the world!? We were coming up on her at 70mph-yes, that was the speed limit!-and she decided the best course of action was to stop. Not to gain speed and merge, but to STOP as she was at the end of the merge lane. You know, where there's only about half of the lane left, so you're forced into the traffic? Yeah, that lane. SHE STOPPED!!
We're in NC now, nothing too exciting. I haven't seen any interesting signs--OH! We drove right by the Outlets in Gaffney, and Mark didn't even blink. I so wanted to stop, but since Brendon was asleep, we didn't. I like when he sleeps on the car rides. I guess we'll have to venture to the ones in Williamsburg, because coming down here to go shopping kinda negates the money saved at the shops.

Can I just say that I am in love with Playtex's insulated cups? Brendon really hates room temp milk. He'd rather have it warmed. Otherwise, just on the cool side is second best. They really do their job. I really like the twist-n-click too, so that I know it's on tight enough, but be careful, if you twist it too tight, it leaks, too. Guess how I know. Go ahead guess. :D
When we moved from bottles, we went to the soft spout cups. That worked for about few weeks, because Brendon was chewing on everything! Then they leaked when they were standing straight up! After the soft silicone spouts, we went to the harder ones. We still use those ones, and now we've added the hard spout ones.

I had lots more written, but since I was wright on MCM's computer as we were driving home, and after I lost internet, it didn't save. And I'm assuming that he closed the window and lost my post. But I forgive him and love him still!

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