Friday Fails

Is it Friday already? wow. I mean, I've been waiting for Friday since Monday, but I just been wo overwhelmed that all of the sudden it was here, and things I wanted to do this week are left behind. Instead of doing fails today, I'm going to come up with stuff that I did get done this week. Make me feel better before I close my MacBook Pro and realize I have a lot of things to do today.

  • I cooked a meal this week. Like, a full brown-the-meat, cook-the-food meal. Except Mark browned the meat. And it didn't turn out as good as it usually does.
  • I did two loads of dishes. That's a big thing. They usually wait until the weekend, but since last weekend I worked, there was extra. and I managed to get two in this week!
  • I vacuumed. I think this deserves a standing ovation. Our vacuum is a hand-me-down dinosaur. It's heavy and loud and doesn't like to forward. Plus, if it hits something while "off" it unloads all of it's dirt. As me how I know.
  • I introduced BAM to his new babysitter. She's a stay-at-mom of two boys, 2 and 4. I think he's four. He goes to school 5 days a week, so maybe he's 5. Anyways, we were both praying for someone like each other. She was looking for a small extra income that let her stay home with G. I was looking for a in-home setting with another kid. Perfect! And it's on the way to Mark's work (mostly).
So there you have it. Oh, I also worked Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. That's a big accomplishment, right?

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  1. I am so glad I'm not the only person who leaves dirty dishes until the weekend! I've been doing better, but most of the time I just leave them until we run out (which is usually only 3 days). I mean, who wants to spend an hour in the kitchen washing dishes after working all day (or night)?!?