Super Savings - but not sure it meets the super part though...

Ok, so I gathered my coupons, and made a list. and I did really good sticking to it. I didn't by things like milk or bread or "staples" that I get on every shopping trip because I'm planning on hitting up Kroger (gonna try it out) after lunch. Brendon passed out in the van so we passed on CVS too (we need diapers, AGAIN!) [Brendon just woke up, so I'll have to finish later!]

[I'm back!!]

So, we bombarded Target. Leftish to rightish: Cottonelle TP (FYI: we-I used to use Charmain, but it was kinda pricey. So I tried Cottonelle, and you know what, it was a close second!) $1 off. Orange crush BOGO free from either it's website or facebook. Hunts pudding cups $1 off. Glad Force Flex trash bags on sale plus $1 off. Gogurt on sale plus $1 off. Quaker oatmeal on sale plus $1 off. Easy mac on sale plus $1 off. Sobe lifewater x2 on sale plus 50c off each. Mandarin oranges on sale plus $1 off. Tums $1 off. Nexcare bandaids (shrek!) on sale plus $1 off (but I think this coupon got missed!). Stride gum x4, BOGO free. Yoplait yogurt 50c of six (looking over my receipt, the cashier only rang up 5 of them, but the coupon still worked), Scrubbing bubbles drop in toilet bowl thingys BOGO free. Red grapes on sale plus $1 off, Kraft string cheese $1 off (I kept my MQ to use at Kroger, but I found out they don't even accept expired. Target does, so I should have used it there!). Animal crackers on sale (the only thing NOT ON THE LIST!! didn't I do good :D). Snyder's pretzels on sale plus $1 off. Chocolate chip muffins on sale plus $1 off. Kotex panty liners $1 off.  There's 4 coupons on the bottom of my receipt that I'm not sure what they're for, but it's a total of about $3 off.

So, all in all, I saved $24.24.

On the home front, Brendon is in bed for his second nap, but he's not sleeping. He's crying. I know if I gave him his paci, he'd go to sleep, but we've done so good.

Then I went to Kroger. I was expecting something...different. First looks, it's nice and homey, not getto like our FoodLion. But then, you notice little details. Like loose metal plates on the floor. I stepped on one, and it opened and almost ate me! Like peeling paint where a sign or letters had been removed. Like the metal walls of the freezer section that are corroded and dirty. They do have a nice (read big) selection of organic food and natural cleaners. That's a plus (not that I use them, ha!). The prices are a bit more than Target or Wal*Mart, expectedly so, but I was hoping not as much as they were. They don't accept expired MQ's like Target does, and you have to hand them in before everything is rung up. But not a bad experience. They had a deal where you buy 8 selected items, get $4 off. It says I saved $23.08, but a lot of that was "use your card and save $2 of our brand" type prices.

Brendon's still crying, wailing now. Help me be strong!

On our way home we stopped at CVS. Got some diapers and wipes. Thought the wipes were part of spend $10 get $3 back, but not the small pack. So I returned them, and they gave me cash back. Did you know, at CVS (not that I'm promoting this, not at all, just a "huh" thing) when you use a coupon to buy something, then return it, you get the full price back.

That's the fruit of my labors today.

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