Summer in April

I've been playing with the settings on my camera, learning from this tutorial. The unedited versions are here and the shopped ones (using iPhoto) are here. I found some settings that I didn't know existed, and like taking pictures again!

Brendon sporting his Notsox from Babysteals. I like them. His dad thinks they're a bit odd, but psshh :) They're a handy invention, makes diaper changes a cinch, and cute!

We spent a good hour outside, enjoying the summer weather in the beginning of spring. A popsicle helped keep him cool!

Brendon's newest skill is holding this above his head with both hands, and bringing it down really fast!

Amazingly, he doesn't put as much in his mouth as I worried about. He likes to examine them in his hands.

Brendon loved feeling the concrete, and the bits of leaf that he had crunched

Mainly, I enjoyed just spending time outside AND with Brendon.

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