Happy Baby Pictures

So, we've branched out and attempted tennis. Laugh, please laugh, it's funny. Imagine it, me with little to no hand-eye coordination, trying to hit a flying fist sized ball AS IT'S FLYING. Granted, the hitting instrument is on the medium-large size, but still, THE BALL IS FLYING. We still had fun, laughing is exercise, right? Brendon loved being outside. I gave him a teething biscuit, to keep his mouth busy (better that then the pollen strands!). He didn't even try to climb the fence, like I was imagining. The picture doesn't show it, but he had dried cookie drool all down his shirt and covering his face.

A week ago, our friends N&N had their baby, L. He's super cute, and already has his daddy wrapped about his tiny fingers. He was born 6 weeks away from N's "40 week due date," but L weighed in at 7 1/2 pounds, and after the pediatrician finished his assessment, he decided that the dates must have been wrong, because he was no preemie. Can you imagine if she went until "40" weeks and they let her? He'd have been huge! But all are safe, sound, healthy and settling in nicely.

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