The days seem so long, the weeks forever

Saturday, the 4th of July brought about a sleepless night. We had attempted to make big party plans, because everyone knows that if you make plans assuming you won't go into labor, you will, right?! Anyways, everyone we tried to invite over couldn't make it or was going out of town-we got shot down quite a few times. We did manage to wrangle one couple in to coming over for lunch. And we had a great time. They got here about 12, and didn't leave till like 6! I really had no clue it was that late.

Anyways, the evening brought...contractions with it....I finally started timing them about a quarter till 8. They started about every 10, then got down to about every 6. MCM and I went walking. We walked and we walked and we walked. I think we walked for about an hour or so. We kept saying, lets wait one more hour. Finally about 1, I called my midwife...but she wasn't very helpful. She said, well if you think it's the real thing, come on in. I could have decided that. Anyways, we waited another hour, and headed to the hospital about 2. The contractions themselves didn't hurt as in pain, they were squeeze-y and made me have to stop and focus. But what was different was all the pressure I kept feeling "down under." So off we went.

You know, I should have taken some contraband pics of the room. Whatever. I got all dolled up in my back-less gown with the monitor stuff on my belly and waited. The nurse came in about 230/245ish am and did her nursey stuff. She checked my dilation, called me a 2, and gave me the impression that I should be writhing in pain with these contractions. Whatever. The midwife came in about 4am (she was delivering a few babies), and checked me, called me a 3, said if I get to 4cm and my contractions stay good like they were, about every 4-5 minutes, I could stay. She strongly encouraged me to get out of bed and I jumped at the chance. MCM and I walked the halls. He begged off to go try to sleep. Poor guy, he hadn't slept at all. So I walked and breathed and contracted. He tried to sleep in this recliner chair of sorts. I don't think it worked so well for him.

Back in bed about 530, they checked me again, said 3-4cm, not quite 4, but it seemed as if the contractions were tapering off. I tried walking again to get them going, I tried the birthing ball, but he kept twisting his head down on my nerves and such that it was just too painful to move my legs. I climbed in to bed about 7am with my contractions that were now about every 10 mins again and tried to sleep some cause I knew I was probably going home. How true that was. I had signed my papers and on my way home with my pregnant belly by 8am.

I was really disappointed, really disappointed. I honestly thought that when I left, we'd have grown to a family of 3. *sigh* Needless to say we didn't make it to church that day. Besides who would like to have to answer the question, "You haven't had the baby, yet?" when clearly *looks at my abdomen* I haven't. I know it's rhetorical of sorts, but can't you just come up with a different comment. One that doesn't seem to imply a condescending message. How about..."you look so good for how far you are" or "I love what you've done with your hair. I bet it's quick to do in the mornings." Something like that would be so much more appreciative than "You haven't had that baby yet?!" or "You've been pregnant for years/ever/a long time!"

I have two days of work left. Tomorrow, an 8 hours shift, then on Friday, a 12 hour shift. Although, I'm not sure how good I'll do on Friday. Will you come rescue me if I need it?! Please? And I'm supposed to be team leader. I hope with all my heart that we will have at least 5 if not 6 nurses, cause I will *NOT* be able to take 6 patients AND team leader AND secretary AND everything else they decide to through in my lap. I turned down team leader when I come back from maternity leave. I wasn't really given the option to do it, just kinda thrust into it because I have the mad skillz needed, and I probably would have taken it anyways. But it's nice to be asked. Right?!

Now, back to baby news. I had another appointment today. Let's see. They estimated he weighs around 7 pounds 2 ounces, although it could be off by a pound or two either way. They can tell he's not 'overly chunky' as the ultrasound tech put it. I've lost 2 pounds, but since he's gained, I've actually lost more than that, but *shrugs* oh well, I'm still healthy. I think my uterus is measuring about 37-38cm, which is good. Then came the depressing news. Remember how waay back up there ^ they called me a 3-4 cm? Well, Doc came in (Midwife was busy at the hospital delivery every one else baby but mine!!) and called me 2cm. TWO CENTIMETERS!! *TWO* and he said that was being generous, that anything else than that would be insulting. I was literally devastated. When he left I turned to MCM and just...cried, practically. So I have another appointment next week Thursday. The receptionist was nice about it. She's like, see you then. I replied back (firmly believing) "I hope not!" But I'll probably be there. McMillen babies like to be about a week and a half late. I was on time, so maybe it'll just end up being a week later, rather than two or so.

Ok, I can rest easy now. That is, if I can find my tums...


  1. I hope the last days of your pregnancy go by quickly for you. I don't blame you about not going to church. We skipped the last Sunday before Cynthia was born. I didn't want to hear everyone tell me I was still pregnant. :)

    Try to enjoy your last days with no kiddo. Life is not the same AT ALL. I sometimes miss the days of having alone time with Josh. Not that I don't love my kids.... :)

    Can't wait to hear the news that Brendan is here!

  2. "There's your sign!" That's what I would probably retort back to those people to state the obvious, "the baby's not here yet!"

    Keep holding on!!!!!

  3. yeah, tonight at church wasn't so fun. the first person who talked to me said 'you haven't had the baby yet' Ya think, einstein!? and I practically ran away from someone who i just knew was going to mention how big i was and how long i had been pregnant. i know how long i've been pregnant, 39 weeks and 1 day, thanks :D