Long time no talk

I'm awful aren't I? I have all these things to write about, but I know that if I sit down and actually type them out, I'll end up rambling and drive even the spiders away. So here's a few things that have been going on since my last post.

Don't let Mac's apparent attitude fool you. This was her second tractor ride of the day. After the first one, she was outside playing with one of my sisters, and we heard, being inside, what we thought was her whining.

Nope, she was making the tractor sounds "mmmmmmmm." Tell me, who could resist giving her a ride.
For some reason, Mac thinks this face is her "smiling pretty" for the camera. She squinches up her nose and eyes and bares her teeth. Cute, no?

Here's those pictures of the door process I mentioned eons ago.
Put yourself in my shoes. I watched as they pried the moulding from around the door, which they broke. I watched the baffle themselves as to how the door was bent and no longer fit. I just had to leave. Staying out of the view wasn't an option unless I holed myself up in the kitchen, and who really wants to do that? So I drove over to Mark's work to bring him his lunch. I was happy to leave, but I was nervous. I mean, what if I came back to no door at all, just a hole in the wall. Oh wait, I did. Heh. They broke the door jam trying to 'fix' it.
I had to leave again, a few hours earlier. This time when I got back, the guys had disappeared and as I walked around the corner, I had to perfect my super evading ninja skills. This dangerous piece of wood was just waiting for me, I know it. But look, there's a new door jam and door.
Then, I noticed the pile of stuff they dropped right outside the door...and in my flowers, too! All in all, it's better than it was. There's still a little crack under the door, like the bottom of the whatever got bent as they were installing it.
Let's see, is there anything else that you've missed out on? Nope. My laundry grabs my ankles as I walk by, and my dishes chase me around the kitchen, but I just have to snap my fingers and watch the work get done. Heh.

Nope, I did forget something. We bought a new-to-us truck the other week. It's a 2004 Chevy Silverado. Somewhat champagne colored, very nice interior, but smells of smoke. It's not too noticeable, except when its been sitting in the sun all day. I keep saying that I'm going to Fabreeze the smell out, but I'm just lazy. Plus, MCM takes it to work, so I don't have it at my every beck and call.

Every up as a down. We sold the Heep. To a guy who lives in VA Beach. The guy came, looked over the inside, started the ignition, revved the engine up, and bought it. He didn't even drive it! I guess he was really, really attracted to it. Now, I'm done.

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