I usually don't blog between work days cause I'm pooped, but I'm balking at showering and I like spending time with Mark. Even if we both have laptops on our laps, sitting on different pieces of furniture, watching a movie. We're geeks, what can I say? My sil, tata tagged me. She left me the comment, "I tagged you, go see my blog." I was so confused, so horribly confused. But I'm with it now O_o

This is my first meme! Aren't you so proud of me?! *ahem*

I'm supposed to list five things that...hang on *check's tata's blog* most people don't know and tag five people. I think I only have like 5 friends with blogs...here goes...

1. I lost a ton of weight in college, not because I was trying, but because I was too picky with my food.
2. I'm good at figuring puzzles/directions out.
3. My shoe size used to be 8 1/2. Now it's a 7.
4. I could be very neat and tidy, but I'm too lazy to start sorting out the mess.

I guess I'm too open, I can't think of a number five. At least, a number five that I want the world knowing about. There's plenty of things that most people don't know, but I'm not that friendly

5. I can't play video games worth squat, seriously.


I tag:




I told you I don't have 5 friends that have blogs that haven't already been tagged or what!!


I don't *know* this person personally, but I've been stalking her blog for a while


There...I managed 5 people. Now I have to go tell them the horrible deed I've done.


  1. Thanks for stalking me!

    that sounds weird but I like knowing people are reading my blog.

    I will try very hard to get to this tag. It might take awhile so be patient with me!

    And you follow the rules better than me...I hardly ever tag anyone back. I'm bad.

  2. Since I really know very little about you, it was fun learning some new things! I'm also really good with directions. Your brother calls me his navigator :)