Mornings and Cooties

Did you know how much I despise mornings and waking up? Like, always. When I was little my brothers and sisters would take great delight in getting up super early, like 5ish to play games and stuff. I was the one who liked to say in bed. I remember this one time, we, as a family, had played Monopoly one evening. About 11 or so, we called it quits. Dad would make unseemly deals with those who were going bankrupt and the game would just go on and on. My little brother, Marine, had so much fun, that he woke up super early the next morning, like 5 or so and was like, KL, let's go play Monopoly again. I was having none of that, so he got Blondie to play with him...get this, they were like 9 and 6 or something, could barely read, and had no clue what to do. They played for hours though. Thing 1 and Thing 2 liked getting up early too. They usually kept each other entertained in their room. Their favourite things to play with were 1) beanie babies, or 2) plastic bottles. Yeah, like shampoo, sprays, empties, fulls, anything plastic. Thing 2 especially liked this game. She'd group them up in families in the bathroom and play house, make them talk, walk and such. We'd frequently have to raid her room before we'd shower or bathe.

So back to early mornings...I like sleeping. MCM is a morning person. Saturdays are a conflict of interests. This morning, about 6ish, while I was still reveling in the sleep, He was awake...paying more attention to me than I wanted. I tried everything, fake sleeping, moving away, huffing, grumbling, and bartering. He was persistent. I finally got him to let me sleep until 7:15. AFTER all this he decided to go downstairs so he wouldn't wake me up. AFTER I was already up. AFTER I couldn't go back to sleep again. AFTER I started getting hungry for breakfast. Wasn't that considerate of him? I love him, so it's all good. That really only happens on Saturdays. Weird, I know. Sundays he sleeps later, at least 630 or 7.

I went to a friend's baby shower today. Here's some pics. She's about 35 weeks, having a little girl. Can you imagine all the pink?

It's kinda funny. When I was in high school, all my friends were getting boyfriends/girlfriends and going out. When I was in college, all my friends were getting engaged and married. Now that I'm *whispers* an adult (SHH!!) */whisper*, everyone's having babies and such. There's Rebecca, Devon, Susan, (someone else), a doc at work, a nurse at work, a physical therapist at work, a pharmacist at work, a dietician at work, two more nurses at work...I think it's contaigious, so I'm going to just wear a HazMat suit to work from now on. That'll protect me from baby cooties, and bodily fluids too!

Speaking of babies, Noah, who I mentioned a little while ago, is doing pretty good. I forget what I had mentioned, but here's the scoop. Before he was born, the docs were concerned about his kidneys not working right. After he was born, he was peeing pretty good, but they ultrasounded his kidneys and found out that one of them was pretty much just a mass of cells, not a kidney, and the other was trying to overcompensate for it. They took him to surgery a few days ago to remove the mass (it was 10 cm!). The biopsy came back benign, but it's a type of fast growing benign tumor, so they'll have to keep him under watch. During surgery, they found out that his diaphragm (the muscle under your lungs that helps you breathe), wasn't entirely intact. They fixed it, attaching to the back of his abdominal cavity. Currently, he kidney is working well, with no reflux (backwards flow), and he's eating well now that he's got some extra room in that tummy. I think he even got to go home today! Here's some pics from my cell phone that I took a the day after he was born.


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  2. So funny! I love how you've named all the kids in your family with a funny name. "Thing One and Thing Two"?? Hilarious.