If I had the Money...

Remember my post about Nurse's Week or whatever? Well, the hospital, in appreciation of our tremendous work load, gave us a gift certificate to a thingy. It's called Institute of Health and Healing. Don't go charismatic on me, not THAT kind of healing. They offer things likes massages, facials, and the such. I finally made an appointment, like 3 months after getting it. I went yesterday. Oh. My. Word. If I had the money and time, I'd go like...as often as I could. She started with my face...my poor nose....it doesn't like to be touched. After feeling like my face was being stretched off, she moved on to my scalp. The funny thing is, I actually did my hair yesterday. It didn't make a difference. Good thing I had a hair tie with me, huh? After feeling like my various muscles and joints had been used more than ever, she did my feet. Boy, was she in for a shock. My toes are always ice cold...ask MCM...her expression was "I think they're frostbitten!" So she put some warm moist towels on them. The warm part helped, the moist part didn't. She gave me good advice though. "Don't go skiing. You'll definitely get frostbite, then!"

MCM and I decided something last night. Well, we decided a few things, but you don't need to know *ALL* the decisions...I'm going to hire a maid. Just to do the dishes and the laundry. I can keep up with everything else. Maybe the bathroom cleaning too, and the sweeping. Oh, and the cooking, and might as well the grocery shopping. Yeah, I'll do the...uh...I'll make the bed, and, uh...the blogging definitely. If I had the money, I'd do that.

Speaking of grocery shopping, it's that time again. I went to make dinner, tuna melts, last night. I opened and drained the tuna, put it in a bowl, went to get the mayo and the cheese...the following went something like this:

me: "Did you use the last of mayo the other day?"

him: "Yeah, I did."

me: "Next time could you let me know? Thanks"

him: "Can't me make it without mayo?"

me: "No. We don't have any cheese, either"

him: "Let's just have something else?"

me: "uh..."

him: "you already opened it, didn't you?"

me: "yeah."

Then I proceded to get frustrated with the mess of tupperware to put the tuna in. I couldn't find the right top in the mess....then he pulls it out of the other cabinet...because he put it there...but I won't rag on him, he unloaded the dishwasher for me...*waggles eyebrows*

I'm headed to the store. Why do we have to spend money to live?


  1. well, the lid thing was round and so was all the stuff that I put it in there with...

  2. Are you really getting a maid? I kinda wish I could get one. I clean up and get everything nice, and then Matt comes home. And then it's instantly horribly messy again.