Found me how?

I have a confession. Several, probably, but only one comes to mind. I've been peeking on who's visiting my blog. I use stat counter, and I was playing with the links to see what they were for, and I found one that keeps track of the searches that bring you to my blog. Some of them are wacky, and some of them are funny. Here's a few:

brain inner photos
Apparently, someone is an aspiring brain surgeon....

marriage license mayhem
Nope, no mayhem, it went rather well, actually.

are meteorologists always correct
I submit that they are not!

wachovia college access account
To you who are considering opening one, please don't!!

not cut out for anything
I beg to differ! Have you asked Mark about the cooking?

krystina mcmillen
Alright, 'fess up, who's googling me??

learned from tv house m.d
Nothing realistic, unfortunately

do you peal cucumbers?
You can, if you'd like to waste your time on dumb vegetables!

water in brain swimming
Is this similar to having water in your ears?

inner brain paper
As opposed to??

brownies do aerobics
Actually, YOU are supposed to do the aerobics after you eat them.

how to get my brain working
You have to first open your eyes, and attempt to wake up. Mornings, I dislike them too.

/get my brains together and start working in icu
You wanna know why they call it the ICU? It's cause of the gowns. I've seen too many butts as people sit back down in bed, or get up from bed, or chair, or the toilet, or just walking.

right brain is overworked
Time to switch on the LEFT!

ran over the median
Yeah, no. I ran over a sign, but managed to stay on my side of the median. My sister, on the other hand, ran over a deer. Yup. With my dad's car. Yup. On Rt 3 (think of one of the busiest roads in your town). Yup. Didn't even slow down. Nope. Not the first time for the car, either. Nope. I was the first. Yup.

the innerworkings of my brain by krystina mcmillen
Now do I have a right to be paranoid? Know any bodyguards for hire??

when was the first balloon on a bottle invented with vinegar and baking soda
No clue, but I can tell about moldy food.

my headaches feels like someone is squeezing my brain a little to tightly
I bet if you asked nicely, the one who is squeezing would stop...

can i deposit a check for my mom at navy federal
Only if you hold an account with them. Same with Wachovia. And Bank Of America. And probably any other bank you can think of.

wachovia vs bank of america
I've saved this one for last. 'Twould seam that my blog is very popular for this topic.

They say medicine is the best...hang on....laughter is the best medicine. It's been a long day. We signed the lease on our new apartment. Tomorrow, my dad, Bethany, and Sarah are coming down to help us transfer our stuff. We're using a dump truck, remember? Only, the meterologists are calling for rain and thunderstorms tomorrow. Local stations say tomorrow afternoon; online stations say tomorrow night. We'll see who is right and who is dead.

What?? Have you never seen one of the best movies of all times? One 'friend' put it this way. "You don't ever want to watch the Princess Bride with the Haders. They sit there and quote it all!" I mean, I can't help it if it's been our therapy sessions while out away from civilization??

It's been a long time since Mark and I have stayed up late. But I think tonight's the night. We were wiped out from...I don't even know. We fell asleep about...6ish maybe...I slept until 730, when I realized I could catch Jeopardy! tonight. Mark slept until about 830 or later. I went in to see if I could get him up, but he was having fun with some train dream...so I let him be.

Time for food, or ginger ale, which ever is handy.

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