As Promised, The Pictures

Here's the pictures, the best of the lot, from the air show. I don't think they're in any special order or anything.

We actually took this picture last...as we walked to the car...and past it...and farther and farther away from it. I think we actually walked about 7.9 miles AWAY from it...while we were looking for it. Then, when we go the end of the parking lot (actually it was the AFB's taxi way, so you know it was forever long), we realized that we had definitely passed the car. So we had to walk back probably about 4.2 miles to find the car. It was hot, and sunny, and hot.

So you can really know we were there.

I think this was the plane the next picture was taken in...

If you can't read it, it says "CUT HERE FOR EMERGENCY EXIT." Cause we all know that a knife is easier to wield than one of those emergency exit thingies on civvie planes.

Two thoughts come to mind with this picture. One was "oh look, floating vests" in reference to the camoflauge. The other was "oh look, it's the Chair Force"...

The British Red Arrows flying with the red, white, and blue.

The one the middle, the one that's not red, was a Raptor...I think...anyways, it was an American pilot named Max.

As we were pulling up to the thing, this guy was landing. Must have come over with the Red Arrows

I think the pictures would have turned out better if that guy had been just a few inches shorter...no?

If you look really closely, you can see three tiny black dotes at the end of each smoke thing...those are the planes.

I think this was called the Phoenix formation...

Think you can guess why this one was called the diamond formation?

There you have it. Go see facebook for the rest of them. Check it out.

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