To Mop or Not To Mop?

There I was...doing dishes. I wasn't going to, but it got kind of hard to walk in the living room with all the little tykes underfoot...literally. I finally realized that it was only going to get worse when Mark took my travel cup to put his milk in to it...for dinner. He wasn't even going anywhere! So I took matters in to my own hands.

Don't you just hate it when you pick a cup or bowl up, only to realize there was water in it? It would have been acceptable if it had been caught in the dishwasher thingy. It gets worse when you realize you've created a tsunami on the floor as you put the dish in the dishwasher. Bummer. Oh well, I had a rag that needed to be cleaned. So I used it to mop up the water then, wanting to impress you all being the type to want things in their place, I took it to the laundry pile on the floor right to the hamper. On to the rest of the dishes. I picked up another cup, I guess I don't learn easily. You guessed it. This time, there was only a tiny bit of water in it...or so I though. Thinking it was empty, I re-upturned it to put it in it's place. Bad idea. There wasn't only a little bit of water in it. There was ALOT of water in it. Sorry, The-place-in-Asia-that-got-flooded-last-year-or-something, my kitchen has you beat. I had socks on, so that took away the idea of wading to go find that rag I threw somewhere put in the laundry. Frantically looking for something to keep the flood abated, I grabbed the roll of paper towels.

At least I don't need to mop my kitchen for a while!

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