Dumb Trucks and Smart Apartments

Guess what?!

I rode in a dumb dump truck today, for the first time! I thought we were going to run in to a few things, miss a few turns, or take out a few cars as we were going down the roads. And it was noisy as all get out. We had to yell to hear each other. But it was an experience that everyone should have, given the opportunity!

It was my day off, and Mark invited me to go along with him as he returned a mower to another apartment complex. This apartment complex, and another one across town are owned by Mark's boss and his sister-in-law, and probably various other family members. Anyways, over the way, they have townhouses as well as apartments. A townhouse over there just became available. Mark talked to his boss about us moving in to one of the town houses.

Well, today, as Mark was returning their mower that had been broken for weeks, so I came along to look at the townhouse with him. Speaking of the mower, Mark just found out later today that it broke down again! Of all the--!! Mark's not too happy about that, and Tiny and Rob (his son), but especially Tiny, don't like spending money.

In addition the the pictures of townhouse, I took a picture of one of their old trucks, the auger truck. All of their big equipment trucks are at least, at least 20-30 years old, if not more. I'm not exaggerating, I promise. They'd rather keep fixing up the old trucks than buy one with new fangled equipment.

By the way, why are they all called aPARTments if they're all stuck together? Shouldn't they be called notapartments, or something? How about astucktogetherments? Whatever. Let me upload the pictures and make some witty comments on them before Mark comes back home to whisk me away to church.
The auger truck, notice the drill? That lovely color is officially known
as "Mallory Green." They paint most of their vehicles that color

This the dump truck. I guess they haven't gotten around to painting it yet.
Mark feels at home behind the big trucks

The best pictures of the bunch!

I don't know if you can read it, but on the door it says 163. No longer will we be Apt S-6, but we'll be 163 Dame Court, like a real address! Imagine that!

Right, see, 163

The kitchen is about the same size as the one here. They're still
working on getting things cleaned up and ready for live-in.

This our 'back porch.' We have a spot for a grill! Mark is the most excited
about this, I think. He's like, now we can have friends over and grill out!

Dining room with Mark scurrying to open a door to
hide behind so he doesn't get caught on...computer

Down stairs half bath with light reading material
in case the workers need to use the facilities.

One upstairs bedroom, this one has one closet.

The upstairs bathroom is practically identical to the one here

I think I have this picture twice. But that's ok, I like this view of Mark :)

This upstairs bedroom has TWO closets! I think that makes
this one the master bedroom. I need the room for clothes!!

The linen closet upstairs. Seriously, I think when they drew the plans for these places, they filled in any blank spots with closets. "Oh this room can't quite meet this room, let's make another closet! Oh there's stairs right here, let's make another closet!" I tell you what, but I'm not complaining, I like closet space. Makes it seem like you have less junk than you actually do!

These stairs have some cheap vinyl something on them. Anyone know where I can get some stair carpet runner or something? It'd help cut down on the noise too, so there's not a loud elephant going up and down the stairs at the same time one of us does.

Mark again, running...I think he does this on purpose, what'd you think?

Finally, my favorite picture. The view from our front door. Aren't the petals beautiful? Anyways, the leasing office over there said that they can have it ready to move in June 20th. Anyone want to come help us move? I bet we could use both for sleeping arraingements


  1. Nice new diggs! I bet you'll love the extra space, and all those closets look awesome.

    If I had a way to get there, Cynthia and I would love to come help you move. Tell Mark to buy us a plane ticket! :)

  2. a plane ticket? how about we wait to move until you guys all come down here? We can use the dumb dump truck to haul all of our stuff.

  3. If I come help will you make key lime pie again????

  4. no one can have the pie but me! :) but you can come help move anyway.