Are meteorologists ALWAYS right?

It's rainy today,
as was yesterday,
just like the day before,
and like it will be tomorrow.

Johnny Cash, our local meteorologist, said that the computerized forecast said it'd clear up Wednesday or Thursday. Then he said, and I quote, "Computers don't predict the weather, meteorologists do. I'm the meteorologist and I say it will last until at least Friday." No sign of sky anywhere, just mist basically floating around waiting to stick to whatever comes along. Namely, me, my car, and me.

Why was I out there, you may ask, I was running errands for our (meaning Mark and me) family.
*big grin*

Like, depositing a check, buying hose filters for the washer, returning a present (I had bought for a friend that I forgot to take to South Carolina to give her so I bought her another one and returned the old one).

I also did good homey things around the...well...home. I washed laundry, which I can finish because I bought hose filters, I did a load of dishes, I watched several episodes of House, MD.
Forgive me, Mark, I was bored :)

Weel, not much else going on. I guess I'll go amuse myself elsewhere.

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