NO! Not the finger!!

ok, so my finger . . . I was working, last week Tuesday. It was just about 2. One of my coworkers was headed to lunch when an ultrasound tech needed help positioning a patient to get a better view of what she was looking at. The girl was going to do it, but I told her to go eat and I'll help. Silly me. I grabbed that turn sheet and pulled like I usually do. *pop* went my finger and *tear* went my eyes. Now, I was just thinking that it just popped a knuckle or a joint. But I had to take a minute and work it off. I tried to play it dow, for the tech (who wants to admit they just hurt themselves in front of anyone!?), but I couldn't grab that sheet easily. But I did it, and I pulled him over, like the nurse I was. After that, I just went about my business, but realized that I couldn't bend it easily or even grab anything. I tried pushing a syringe, to inject some meds, but I couldn't do that either.

Then I lost it! I started crying like a sleep-deprived baby. I mean, it didn't hurt that bad, though it did ache and throb. I put some ice on it, and everyone (as in every singe person in every single room I went it) asked about my finger. It's nice to be thought of :)

Long story short, the urgent care clinic doc confirmed the break with an x-ray, and I got an appointment to go see the hand orthopedic doc, who put it in a split, said I'd be on modified work for 8-10 weeks (eight to ten WEEKS!) and sent me off to get some occupational therapy for it. A week and a half later, the bruising is old bruising is gone (new bruising is here though!), the swelling is gone (except at the end of the day), and it's stiff as can be (until I've done a few exercises).

I am "lucky" enough to get to go to occupational therapy twice a week. Think fine motor skills, like picking up pegs and putting them in holes. I have a custom made splint that is frustrating me at every single thing I do. It makes my finger 2-3 times it's normal thickness, hits everything I walk by, attracts water to get soggy, and sticks to the sticky side of velcro (like diapers and coats!)

For the next 6-10 weeks I get to do paperwork and GO-fering. I'm hoping at the 6 week follow-up visit I'll get to go back to normal work, but I kind of doubt it. I've done admission documenting audits (we stink at documenting the education!), blood transfusion audits, the daily assignments, the weekly assignments, the month-and-a-half-ly assignments, I've passed out tootsie pops and mirrors (to remind you to Protect Our Patients Skin- POPS). I've checked the code cards, the hemoccult/gastroccult boxes, the glucometer strips and controls, the fridge temps, and the OmniCell discrepancies. I've laminated and cut out the laminated thing. I've made hundreds of photocopies. I've walked up and down the steps at good 20 times EACH DAY (but don't forget -- for every elevator ride, I take the steps!) I've worked more on "light duty" then I usually do on the floor.

Well, that's not right. It's more busy work. I do more grouped work on the floor. Now, I'm running between the four pods all day long. I can't seem to find a good place to put my pumping bag. Mommy's Place is on the second floor-I don't want to store it there because--oh, I guess I could. There's a cabinet behind the fridge that no one who needs the room would use. I'll have to try it. But any ways. I couldn't keep on the third floor, because I do most of my work on the fourth floor, but my locker is on the third floor. I can't seem to find a good flow for the day yet.

My finger is numb right now. Not fully numb, but enough that it feels weird. I can't wait until it's healed.

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