Excuses, excuses

Yup, I didn't blog last night. But I have a valid excuse. I had a migraine. Excedrine helped enough to fall asleep, but at 0245 (I know the exact time because Gavin decided it was time to eat again) I took some ibuprofen and Fioricet. Boy oh boy, did that do it!

Yesterday at work, about 4pm, my young patient (younger than me) started going south and the next 2 1/2 hours consisted if lots of blood pressure taking, lots of IV fluids, lots of private pages to his doctor, and finally a jaunt up to ICU where I was kept waiting for 30 minutes to give someone report. The day shift RN didn't want to take it (understandable, I wouldn't have either), but the night shift RN wouldn't come out of shift huddle to take report so I could go back down stairs to my other two patients.

That one patient took almost half of report time. Thankfully the nurse that had my other patients had worked the night before and it was a quick update in those two. Good thing too, because the boys were downstairs waiting for me. We sold the silver bullet van, so they came to pick me up.

I think Gavin was mad at me for leaving him for so long. When we for home and I started to nurse him, he wild whimper as he nursed then he screamed for 20 minutes. It was a scream like he was in pain. He did burp a few times, but they were small burps. It seemed like an eternity before he calmed down. So I let him nurse for like an hour to make up for nothing all day long. Poor baby. So the screaming only intensified my headache :( but he slept from 9 until almost 3, then he ate again at 6 and woke up at 7, but he laid (I can't figure out the past tense for lie, so I'm using the wrong word, I know) in bed until 8, totally different from Bam.

Today is my no social media day, so I won't be around. I'll see you tomorrow!

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