FuzziBunz XS: Review

So, I have three FuzziBunz XS's. Until recently, I never heard of "China made" vs "Turkey made" FuzziBunz. And until recently, I couldn't have told you the difference. But now I can. Although the FB XS fit Gavin pretty well NOW, the difference in the two is enough that one fit earlier. This butter FB XS is China made and fit before the others. FB XS are rated to fit 4lb to 10lb babies. Though as skinny as newborn legs are, I find that hard to fathom.

And, as you can see if you squint hard, it sits right below the belly button, so I was able to use them before his cord stump fell off. Gavin was at least 7lb 8oz when I used them on him. Now, he's 8lbs, 8oz, and still on the smallest snaps.
The only leaking problem I had was if I didn't position "him" pointing down, then he'd pee up and out of the diapers. This kid can pee!

The stuffing is kind hard to do because the diapers are so small, but another difference between China/Turkey FB is that Turkey FB have "sticky" PUL inside. It just kind of grabs everything it touches. 

They've done well with holding in his runny poos. FB XS can be bought at many cloth diaper retailers, and cost just $13.97

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