Where did the time go?

I only have 12 weeks left in this pregnancy. TWELVE WEEKS! It hit me this morning, I was figuring out how far along in weeks I was. With Brendon, I knew down the the exact day how far along I was each day. This one? I had to stop and count to figure out what month I was in...kind of sad, right? So I have 12 weeks left. Gavin doesn't have a middle name. His room is in shambles with boxes all over it. His crib isn't even a crib and isn't in his room. The walls are a pinky-peach (though I know what I want to paint them) that needs to go. His newborn clothes are still in a musty box, though I have no clue if I need to buy long sleeve/long pants newborn clothes or not.

I'm just so worried that nothing will get done before he comes. I've been having a lot of Braxon-Hicks contractions each day. Today, I've had 5 or 6, but I learned from Brendon that the BHC's don't mean a thing.

I was all ready to help Brendon potty learn, but I'm not doing as well as I had hoped. He's not interested at all. I try not to push, but I've seen him poop and pee with out any discomfort from a dirty diaper. So, I'm letting it go. I've accepted that if I have to have two in diapers, I'll do it. Besides, it'll give me an excuse to have to buy more adorable cloth diapers! LOL

I love the prefolds I bought for Gavin. I've been using them in my pocket diapers for Brendon. I think they hold more than microfiber inserts, and the infant size fits perfectly. I've also grown to love hemp inserts, though I find only a hemp insert leads to more leaks because it doesn't absorb as fast as Brendon pees. So a hemp plus a microfiber is what I use at bedtime. I also have one AIO that I'm testing out for Bitty Bums. So far that's been going well, though I want to use it through the day more.

My next diaper purchase will be more covers and prefolds, I think. Because if Brendon is still in diapers, he can wear the OS ones and Gavin can do the prefolds and covers for a while. One of my registeries has FuzziBuns diapers on it, I'm not sure which one, but maybe someone will by some?! :D I think I need to trim it down, I mean, after all, it is my 2nd boy. Maybe I'll go do that now, but there's just too much materialism appealing to my wants right now. Things that I made do with-out, but would have been soo nice.

Mark and I are trying to come up with a way that I can stay home after Gavin is born, permanently. Unless I choose to work part time/PRN or something. Pray that Mark's side business picks up, too. I might pick one of these companies to sign with as a consultor/demonstrator/representative for. I've been thinking about Uppercase Living. I'm having a party and I'm going to talk to Bryana about it. Everyone is doing almost everything else and I don't know anyone else doing that (and she lives in Vermont or somewhere up north).

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  1. Wow...sounds busy!! But guess who you will have there for a whole Saturday in a week? Yeah -- Aunt Melinda! DO you wanna go through baby clothes together? OR We could grab some paint and a bucket and get Gavin's room painted. I'll be there...put me to work!

    And I love the idea of a side business to help get things going. I want to start selling Pampered Chef again eventually for exactly the same reason....but that's thinking pretty far in advance right now ;)

    OH -- and Gavin's middle name is Alexander (please????? I really really love that name!!!)